Cura and I have been together since 2009. We want to thank all of you who followed the early days as well as those who popped back on occasion during the long hiatus. Training was done, the days passed, and we were settling into our life together.
Fast forward: Cura is slowing down and a new member of the family is in training. On top of that, we are all busy with our new calling . . . Running the Training Department for Paws and Stripes. Join us on our journey!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cura is a STAR!

Yeah, yeah . . . I know, you have heard it before.  Still, this last week Cura showed, once again, how far she has come since that morning in March of 2009 when she came home.  I had to spend the day taking some standardized tests.  As is the case with tests like this, the are held only a few times a year and in locations that can handle the volume of test takers.  Unfortunately, these locations rarely have comfortable furniture for those with healthy bodies, let alone those with physical disabilities.  So, there we were surrounded by what seemed like hundreds of other test takers -- all nervous and figety -- waiting to be let into our assigned rooms to sit at our assigned desks.  Cura laid down under the table and calmly waited at my feet.

Each test was four hours long -- one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  For each test session, as we settled in our designated area, I put down Cura's neoprene pad under the table at my feet.  She immediately laid down on her 'place' and, apart from the occassional shift of position, stayed put without making a sound.  Fortunately for both of us (the chairs provided were horrible), I did not require the full four hours to take the tests, but they did take around three hours each.  We were both very relieved when the day was over and we could head home.  It was a long day -- but also a complete success!

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